CRC Group is a family company created in 1947 and is one of the five largest groups in Thailand. It is one of Thailand's biggest employers, employing more than 70,000 people in various branches of industry from retail to real estate.


Thai Watsadu (TWD) is the largest building material and DIY retailer in Thailand. It employs the warehouse concept (45,000 m²-55,0000 m²) and has the most stores in all regions, with 40 sites (14 stores in the centre, 6 in the north, 6 in the east and 4 in the south). 


Bann & BEYOND (BNB) comprises nearly 50 stores under the same roof with a retail area of 14,600 m² to 19,800 m². It is a concept which combines renovation and decoration.


Homeworks (hW) consists of 4 decoration stores with a sales area of up to 26,000 m².

Key figures
points of sales
for Bann & Beyond
points of sales
for homeWorks
points of sales
for Thai Watsadu


Key dates

Opening of the 1st homeWorks retail outlet for home outfitting and decoration in Central Bangna. 10,000 m², 40,000 SKU.


The 1st flagship store in Central World with a retail area of 6,000 m².


Opening of the 1st Thai Watsadu specialist store for building materials, decoration and DIY products.


Opening of the 1st baan and BEYOND point of sale in Chiang Mai and Khon Kean.